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Hello! I'm Charles. I am also a...

Political Advocate

Community Organizer

Group Fundraiser

Effective Communicator

Confident Public Speaker

Social Activist

Civic Leader

Professional Manager

Creative strategist

Media Specialist 


Charles F. Rilli, Jr.

Master of Political Management (Fordham University)

Bachelor of Business Administration & Political Science (University of Miami)




Based in Manhattan

Date of Birth:

January 9, 1998




July 2021 - February 2023 

Director of Talent Acquisition | Public Affairs & Campaign Associate

  • Operations Manager for a team of seven staff members. Managed all aspects of firms’ processes and success. Oversaw timely completion of all projects through delegation, follow-up, and by managing daily goals. 

  • Talent recruiter for a wide range of political, union, city agency, and other clientele. Role included finding, training, and supervising hundreds of outreach canvassers. Also managed staff and oversaw HR as they advocated in the community for client needs through outreach, constituent services, fundraising, research, or public relations. 

  • Program Director for Dept. of Sanitation composting program. Managed interagency communications to ensure smooth completion of outreach to over 180,000 doors in 14 community boards. This program provided constituent services to reduce waste and create renewable energy. 

  • Fellowship coordinator for the Fall ’22. Built relationships with local universities and created a cohort to teach and train fellows to become our next field managers. Managed this cohort through various stages of the program.

  • Field Manager for NYC Health & Hospitals Test & Trace program. Coached hundreds of canvassers on political persuasion methods. Directed a team working in underserved communities at higher risk of being infected with COVID-19 to provide resources to get the vaccine and stay safe during the global pandemic. 

February 2022 - July 2022

Campaign Manager

March - June 2021

Political Consultant - General Manager

  • Assembled and managed the campaign’s field, finance, communications, and policy departments (and staff). 

  • Developed and implemented a field plan including: largest volunteer petitioning program gathering 3000 sigs. 

  • Managed call-time, prospected donors and raised over $210,000. 

  • Engaged community leaders to gain endorsements and coalesce support around the candidate.  

  • Mobilized 2,573 voters, won 24.5% of the vote and had a second-place finish in a five-way open primary. 

  • Providing strategic consultation by writing and fulfilling field plans, community organizing guides, district deep dives, small business tours and GOTV plans to six candidates in the NYC municipal primary election

  • Overseeing basic opposition, policy and demographic research, social media tracking, direct voter contact, data entry, fundraising work and in-person field work for all clients

  • Responsible for leading and supervising 100 interns on a given week by communicating daily goals and polishing work for client presentation

November 2020 - March 2021

Deputy Campaign Manager & Finance Director

  • Built campaign operation from ground-up by hiring and onboarding 60+ interns and volunteers 

  • Mentored the finance team to ensure compliance with NYC Campaign Finance Board regulations by designing a detailed portfolio and formalized all financial documents

  • Raised over $30,000 for a first-time candidate, later to unlock $220,000 of matching funds, by leading a fundraising team through call-time and rolodexing existing and prospective networks

October 2020 - March 2021

Research Correspondent

  • Reported election results to Edison Research and their election pool of ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC News 

  • Approached voters to gather exit poll data used for market research and network analysis in order to call elections 

  • Kept track of data tabulations at polling locations for the 2020 Presidential Election & 2021 NYC races

September - November 2020

Field Organizer

  • Improved campaign involvement by canvassing 2,500+ voters and confirming 81 shifts during GOTV

  • Canvassed 2,500+ voters in the final three weeks leading up to Election Day

  • Motivated local Democratic organizations, committees, and community leaders to engage in the race

  • Increased volunteer involvement by 77% ahead of executing a successful GOTV strategy

January 2017 - April 2020


  • Directed an 18-person executive board to ensure that all national obligations regarding ritual, community service, and professional programming were fulfilled

  • Shaped all aspects of a chapter consisting of 100 members and represented the chapter at the national and regional levels, as well as at the University of Miami

June 2019 - February 2020

Campaign Manager

  • Mobilized a campaign of three students and 200+ supporters running on an executive ticket for the University of Miami Student Government

  • Initiated an enthusiastic following for the candidates and mobilize the largest voter turnout in University of Miami Student Government history. 

  • Fostered a platform with 10 key initiatives to improve student life on campus

  • Coordinated opportunities for the candidates to speak with numerous student organizations throughout the campaign period

  • Communicated campaign rules and strategy and to 200+ supporters to ensure the ticket won

May 2019 - August 2019

Office of the City Manager Intern

  • Merged various departments to help implement advanced policies and strategic solutions to address the challenges of the community

  • Transformed the 2019-2020 fiscal year budget by internally reviewing all accounts and departmental requests with the ProSystems software

August 2018 - April 2019

Research & Consulting Intern

  • Conducted research and developed a customized strategy for a wide variety of clients related to each of their needs

  • Constructed and analyzed public opinion polls that portrayed these results in extensive presentations

  • Hired by Donna Shalala for Congress to help provide polling, consultation, and grassroots organization for her campaign winning a seat in the US House of Representatives

  • Assisted in the production of Strange Days Podcast with Fernand Amandi

January 2017 - May 2019

Chair Policy & Finance Committee

Junior Class Senator

April 2018 - August 2018
  • Served as the Chair of the Policy and Finance Committee by managing the organization’s budget 

  • Advocated for student concerns to the University of Miami administration in order to navigate the University through multiple scandals


Campaign Finance Intern

  • Conducted extensive research on potential donors, took detailed notes on fundraising calls, and managed all finances in the NGPVan software

  • Raised over $1,000,000 in the primary election for Matt Haggman for Congress by working at fundraisers, calling donors, and spreading Matt Haggman’s message in Florida’s 27th congressional district


Summer 2021

Finance Track

  • Relevant coursework: Finance, Donations, Fundraising


Master of Political Management

  • Relevant coursework: American Political Behavior, Finance & Ethics, Earned Media Strategies, Political Institutions & Proceeses, Campaign Management, SPSS, Strategies of Political Communication, American Survey Research


Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Relevant coursework: Introduction to American Government, Organizational Behavior, American Presidency, U.S. Health Care Policy, 2018 U.S. Elections, Political Internship, Intro to Comparative Politics, Government in Metropolitan Areas, Negotiation Strategies, Effective Leadership, “Congress and American Foreign Policy” , Advanced Organizational Behavior, Leading Teams, Conspiracy Theories & Public Opinion

  • Honors: Sigma Iota Rho, Dean's List


Study Abroad Experience

  • Relevant coursework: Italian

  • Activities & Societies: AUR Business Club, Excursions with AUR


High School Diploma

  • Relevant coursework: Economics

  • Activities & Societies: Student Body President, Tutor, Relay for Life, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Tennis


Microsoft Office - Expert

NGPVan - Advanced

Votebuilder - Advanced

LexisNexis - Advanced

NYC CFB C-Smart - Advanced

Callfire (Dialer) - Advanced

Spanish - Proficient

Canva - Advanced




I have a history of advocating for my beliefs in every community I have been a part of. While in high school and college, I served my student body as Student Body President in high school and as a Senator representing my class at the University of Miami. I always took my peers wants and needs into every meeting with school administrators in order to successfully advocate for better campus life and for more educational tools for UM students. I partnered with small businesses in our town to build long-lasting relationships between our school’s community and our neighboring restaurants and stores. In college, I represented my class in the Student Government Senate, chaired a committee, and managed a campaign for my peers running on an executive ticket to change the culture on campus. I spent years looking for ways to improve our campus life which resulted in co-sponsorships and 10 bills to improve campus life for everyone. However, my true advocacy came when I entered the Political Arena in 2018 and started to work for candidates who I shared common values with. After five cycles and employment with 10+ campaigns, I have learned the true art of what political advocacy is all about. I have pushed my candidates to understand every side of a policy position before adopting their own while utilizing electoral strategies in order for them to understand all sides of an issue. After majority of my candidates have been sworn into office, I have continued to push them to adopt important positions on gun control, voting rights, and other liberal idealizations. Additionally, I have advocated in my own personal communities to gather support for stronger gun control in our country and for comprehensive voting right bills. 


Since high school I have been involved in fundraising efforts in many different capacities. I joined my high school’s development office at the end of my senior year to help launch their future-forward campaign. During this time as an alumni ambassador, I helped to create strategic plans and fundraise for the future of the school. In 2018, I became a Call-Time Manager for Matt Haggman’s campaign in Florida’s 27th congressional district. Throughout this campaign, my team and I raised over $1M for Haggman, a low name-recognition candidate. Due to our prominent fundraising efforts, his support from 2% to 17% in the Primary. Moreover, I recently served as the Finance Director for a 21-year-old Gen-Z candidate for NYC City Council. Here I exceeded fundraising goals by raising over $30,000 in two short months. During my time as a Campaign Manager for Adam Roberts, I led our daily fundraising operations, raising over $225,000 despite being the last candidate to enter the race. Finally, I have helped launch Political Action Committees and set up fundraising domains to successfully launch. 


In the eight political cycles that I have worked on, organizing and educating has become a substantial part of my career. During the 2018 Midterm Election, I organized at the University of Miami and in the District to help elect Donna Shalala to Congress. During the 2020 cycle, I was an organizer for President Biden's campaign in Arizona. At this role, I helped recruit and confirm over 80 shifts during GOTV leading to thousands of calls and successfully flipping Arizona blue. After that election, I led our organizing efforts in 2021 as the Field Director for Elevation Strategies, specifically assisting Kamillah Hanks' successful campaign in State Island. Lastly, I served as Field Director and Program director for many clients during my time at Meridian Strategies.  Organizing wins elections.

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